thanks for all the hits
by borinboy

I am truly grateful to all who subscribed to tales of gay asian and help promote it over the internet. Currently I am knee deep in research of old kung fu movies and turning them into tales of gay asian gold. As always there will be 4 strips on friday and possibly extra sketches.

it's coming
by borinboy

Gay asian is coming tonight. It is 4 pages as my recent workload has gotten more. As I am entering the morning internatinal comic competition and developing 2 comics for webcomic nation.

This is no joke
by borinboy
Gay Asian is on hiatus this week. For next week There will be over 10 pages of comics. Currently I am working on a new comic for webcomic nation.
Happy presidents day
by borinboy

I am enjoying my day off with watching the entire fushigi yugi. Yes I know now that's gay asians however it is not research. It just that I like the style of 90's anime.  Finally a special thanks to everyone who checked out my webcomic. I plan to release 4-5 strips every friday to match everyone else's free time. Enjoy the day and don't forget the subscribe button.

new beginnings
by borinboy

hey webcomic readers,

After 20 years in waiting I have started my first comic out of doodles. The story is simple but funny like a episode of south park. I hope to put out a volume by this summer. It is september and I need your support for gay asian on my kickstarter.

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