So sad
by borinboy

I have good news and better news. The good news is that tales of a gay asian is over. The better news is I am working on a new comic series and will be redoing tales of a gay asian to be published on kindle. It will contain 25 pages of better drawn,inked,and screentoned images at a premium price to be decided. I hope  you all have enjoyed TOAGA it has been fun. Keep your eyes glued on webcomicsnation.

by borinboy

webcomic comes early this week and less than usual due to internet connection.

thanks for all the hits
by borinboy

I am truly grateful to all who subscribed to tales of gay asian and help promote it over the internet. Currently I am knee deep in research of old kung fu movies and turning them into tales of gay asian gold. As always there will be 4 strips on friday and possibly extra sketches.

it's coming
by borinboy

Gay asian is coming tonight. It is 4 pages as my recent workload has gotten more. As I am entering the morning internatinal comic competition and developing 2 comics for webcomic nation.

This is no joke
by borinboy
Gay Asian is on hiatus this week. For next week There will be over 10 pages of comics. Currently I am working on a new comic for webcomic nation.
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