thanks man
by borinboy

A special thanks to ken weeman

Happy new year
by borinboy

2012 is our time for renewal. TOAGA is ready for kindle adaptation. 2011 ideas in the new year. You can expect teen webcomics from me. Thank you all for making this the time of my life.

Merry christmas 2011
by borinboy

aHappy holiday to all. And look forward tp 3 works from me in 2012

by borinboy

It's close to the release of toaga on kindle. It is next week sunday.

So sad
by borinboy

I have good news and better news. The good news is that tales of a gay asian is over. The better news is I am working on a new comic series and will be redoing tales of a gay asian to be published on kindle. It will contain 25 pages of better drawn,inked,and screentoned images at a premium price to be decided. I hope  you all have enjoyed TOAGA it has been fun. Keep your eyes glued on webcomicsnation.

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